refrigerator blob variation 3


GIF rearrangement by GucciSoFlosy

Seasickness inspires projectile hurling? Many independent motions going on in this one complex GIF: heaving waves, alien torpedo launching, wave lowlights mimicking rainclouds with laser-blast showers in ever-changing vertical arrays.

More arrangements to come.


"Hackerista" [mp3 removed]

Short Moog-y composition (although not done with a Moog; the Mutator filter is again prominent). I end up having to write these jazzy lead bits so it's not just the same thing repeating and then they end up being the thing that I hum and that kind of defines the song.

"Turntable Turncoat"

"Turntable Turncoat" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

My scratch sample collection once again on display, played in a couple of different virtual instruments. About nine seconds in this one actually starts rocking. (This has everything to do with painstakingly assembling loop order and nothing to do with live spontaneity.)