"Clip City" (self-"mastered")

"Clip City" [mp3 removed]

I have posted this tune several times--it's kind of my "learner."

This version I'm calling self-"mastered" because I used some compression and reverb plug-ins to give it a fuller sound.
I finally took a minute to learn how to use a Send effect in Cubase, so I could automate a "wet/dry" parameter on the Sidstation track.
It converted that track from mono to stereo (sort of) and added reverb that comes and goes while it's playing.
Also, I now know to put the compression "limiter" setting at the Master gain so the sum of all three tracks never goes above -.2 db. D'oh.
Each track (drums, Mutated drums, and Sid) has parametric compression that both compresses it and boosts EQ on the mid-level frequencies.