"Cribtonomicon" [mp3 removed]

One way to approach softsynth presets is like a sculptor hacking away at marble--you go into the dense mass of sound representing the overkill of the designer showing everything the synth can do and and you carve away until you get something minimal that you can actually hear. In this case the instrument was the Reaktor instrument "Krypt." The presets of treated beat sequences were just too dense, cacophonous, and ultimately inert, to this ear anyway. So the bpm was slowed down to 80, step patterns shortened from 64 to 16, and drum voices gradually removed until only a few remained, still laced with the instrument's signature effects (in this case granularized samples randomized in various ways). Dorky, rockin' synth parts from the Electribe Amkii groovebox were then dubbed in to disrupt any lingering artiness.