Quote of the Day

[Emily] Gould, who has been with Gawker for a year, said she was upset about a new compensation system that pays writers according to how many times people view their blog posts rather than only by how many posts they write. The system, she said, pits writers against one another.

"It really gets in your head in this weird way because you're getting so conscious of how many people are reading what," Ms. Gould said. "You get focused on being sensational and even more brain candyish than Gawker was to start with."

from "Top Editor and Two Colleagues to Leave Media Blog Gawker," from the (pro-war) New York Times via Paddy Johnson

Yes, death to brain candy. More obscure musings on esoteric subjects, there are plenty of blogs out there trolling for hits now. What's needed is more electronic music journalism and extremely long passages from de Quincey.

Bewersdorf And/Or Lonergan

Kevin Bewersdorf and Guthrie Lonergan at And/Or Gallery in Dallas: Installation shots. Pathos to go, including the immortal Domain, the Adorno-championed 2001 [counterdirectional arrows] 2006, Google image search results for “pain” printed onto mouse pads by Walgreens.com, a commemorative obelisk probably also available online, and the memorialized "Hacking vs Defaults" table, which is "art about the art world" not worthy of condemnation due to the obscure, niche position of the art world in question (Net Art ?.0) and generous nod to a certain exuberantly humble, one might even say unmonumental blog.