Bobby Fischer in Iceland

Good article about the late chess whiz Bobby Fischer's last years, in Iceland, where he was granted political asylum and some peace.
Some bloggers slagged tributes to Fischer after he died because of his "political views."
As "views" go they are very similar to the views of math whiz John Nash when he was living in Europe, seeing conspiracies everywhere, and trying to renounce his US citizenship to become a "world citizen."
What's crazier than Fischer is that he had to fear extradition to the US, his home country, which benefited greatly from his talent when he was mentally well (and/or politically compliant), turned on him for defying a boycott of a Soviet bloc country (and, er, not paying taxes), and then continued to seek his extradition long after the end of the Cold War. There is no genius or schizophrenia in the eyes of the national security state.
For madness more virulent than Fischer's, because this man (was) a candidate for high office, check out Rudy Giuliani's prescription for continuing US military buildup.