Lawrence Lessig Pro-Obama Video

Just voted for Obama in the primary. If you haven't and are looking for some reasons check out law professor Lessig's video (hat tip df).

Just a few quibbles:

1. Using the Wayback machine, Lessig attempts to refute Clinton's claim, regarding an Obama antiwar speech, that "by the next year [it] was off [Obama's] website." Lessig shows the speech was on the site every *month* up until the end of the first year after the speech. The point still stands that after a year the speech was gone.

2. Bad flub: Lessig says "Osama bin Laden" when he means "Saddam Hussein" (talking about "better intelligence regarding _____" leading up to the Iraq war).

3. Obama invoking Reagan was obnoxious any way you slice it. Reagan was a terrible president, nodding in senility while his cronies tore up Latin America and scaring the shit out of everyone talking about Gog and Magog with his finger on the nuclear button. The only "change" he stood for was giving Americans permission to consume after that scold Carter reminded us that certain resources will run out.

I voted for Obama to thank Clinton for her shameless vote for the Iraq war (and lack of apology for same). Lessig's point is good that we need to show the world we don't agree with the Bushes or their supporters such as the Clintons.