NYC Disaster Designs

Where We'll All Live in a Post-Cloverfield Attack (designs for NY disaster housing via Curbed)

Rejected design: a cloud city where dirigibles filled with neighborhood residents hover over the rubble of their former homes. The computer renderings are very attractive in a dystopian science fiction book cover kind of way.

PS Cloverfield inspired, by the way. Critic TedG voiced suspicion that the handheld camera was always aimed where it needed to be aimed to tell the story but I thought Abrams & Co pulled off basing an entire movie on the contents of one video camera. I would add it to a list of interesting one trick films that includes The Lady in the Lake and Memento. The party scene at the beginning came off especially well, as did the "rescue from the leaning building," but I'm tiring of digital bugs and gratuitous body invasion scenes. (See also The Mist.)