more vvork narration on twitter

copied and pasted:

"palette" of isometric photoshopped bricks made into Sol LeWitt-less arrangements
boring photo of classical statue cubistically scrambled using cloning/morphing tech
line of Venice tourists arranged in Spiral Jetty for photo op
unidentified colored ring and tracing of adam & eve expulsion, both against black backgrounds
cady noland-esque arrangement of aluminum frame, concrete, sawdust, beach towel, radio with nylon strap
sunglass lenses on ball chain, hanging on painted screw attached to white wall
x-rays and laser scans supposedly revealing contraband--image sources unknown
leafy plant lit by three neon tubes on microphone stands
flowers growing under neon ceiling lamp dangling at 45 degree angle
sayings by soccer players inscribed in astroturf (commercial poster series)
soccer trading cards defaced by turning players into hairy nude guys fondling themselves and others
altered newspaper image--soccer ball is "camouflaged" to look like the surrounding grass
photo of Parisian street waste in found composition: soccer ball on pipe, plaster lion on column, chalk marks on sidewalk
scale model stadium made with fruit crate boxes, fruit, wood, light stands, halogen work lights, grass carpet
installation with model of a soccer stadium and all 2006 championship games transmitted live over radio (supposedly)
soccer match with players removed (text description of video)
bridges as musical instruments 2: sounds of multiple bridges make symphony
vibrations sensors on London's Millennium Bridge convert bridge movements into sound art
wallpapered gallery--the pattern is the words "conceptual decoration" in 10 pt block capitals repeated gazillions of times
photo of guys perched on iron gate making fountains with their mouths at each other
Pathfinder Sojourner photo of Mars landscape appropriated with permission from NASA
walrus habitat painting (repost)
oil painting of random dot autostereogram
murals of jungle flora and nude bow hunters in rooms with classical and nouveau furnishings (photos)
video monitor swings on pendulum, image on screen has corresponding side to side camera movement, swinging motion shapes digi-soundscape
cut-up Le Corbusier illustrations, floor installation of laminate samples, Eiffel Tower bed of nails
electronic sound piece based on Magritte's non-pipe (with recursive non-explanation)
satire about the "recent transmutation of language into a global market ruled by Google et al." doesn't actually use Google
post-painterly abstraction as room environment with door and "window" grid of paintings--documentation or digital mockup?