Post-Panel Vibes

Some reports and criticism on last week's "Net Aesthetics 2.0" panel:

Paddy Johnson compares the 2006 incarnation of the panel with last week's. Comprehensive notes broken down by theme.

Alex Lane thinks we didn't do a good enough job on the surf clubs and the browser-as-viewing-arena. [pdf] Left a comment about it on his group blog.

There were three panel and surf club related threads in the comment boards. Am reluctant to link to them as they are unmoderated zoos where people are allowed to type "ZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZ" and post jpegs of dead horses. An attempt to explain defaults and group blogs came off more like warthogs scraping tusks than desired but harloholmes' encouraging shout on delicious (about the panel?) was appreciated. Sally has some good thoughts on the threads' underlying chemistry here (in the comments) and here (on her blog with L.M.).

Rhizome has asked the panelists to write follow-ups and mine should be posted soon.