last of the vvork twitter

copied and pasted:

skateboarding theme 6: walnut ramp and gold-plated rail (supposedly)
skateboarding theme 5: orange and pink minimal box titled "curb"
skateboarding theme 4: ramp in gallery with large ad graphics on skate surface
skateboarding as art 3: kidney shaped skate bowl with concentric ring supergraphics photographed from above
skateboarding as art 2: kidney shaped skate bowl made of wood and photographed from underside
skateboarding as art 1: car with crude, curved skirts serves as mobile ramp (YouTube)
wood pallette topped with resin-coated plywood (?), skewed metal bar attached
faux primitive surrealist paintings, luridly colored, with intricate frames done in a similar style
back of monochrome (brown) chair resembles antique scroll caption with corporatespeak acronym
gallery wall ruptures into four perfect quadrants
slick photos of iggy pop, ice cube, juliette lewis etc make the celebrities seem like the askew transgressive rebels they are
duchampoid rotoreliefs, Barbara Krugeroid slogans, Russian Constructivoid typefaces = prizewinning graphic identity
radiation ionizes gaseous ethanol steam inside cloud chamber (photos look like scarified fur)
igniting translucent tubes filled with propane causes sonic boom (as sound art)