Flaneurs and Street Views

Slightly connected links in search of a theory:

1. Urban Meanderthals and the City of "Desire Lines":

The Meanderthal, a new species of urban flâneur. No longer merely out for a stroll through the streets, the Meanderthal has become a threat to the efficiencies of urban life and to the flows of pedestrians, vehicles, and capital taken for granted in the urban everyday. Whether he/she is chatting on a cell phone, standing on the wrong side of an escalator, cycling on the sidewalk, or dangerously jaywalking, the Meanderthal obliviously causes that most frustrating of urban traffic jams: the pedlock

2. Joe McKay has reconstructed the Google Street View van from reflections in shop windows, passing vehicles and various shiny surfaces.

3. Damon Zucconi found a photo of himself on Google Street View. (A virtual flaneur of the Surveillance State, not a Meanderthal.)