More on Net Concrète

Comment from TH re the net concrète post:

"that net concrete thing just gets at that some people arent surfing
some of the time, they're skating... on net concrete"

Good point. The enemies of the surf clubs seized on that word "surf," with its connotations of couch potatoes holding a TV remote, to attack the work on the group websites as passive and mindless.

We all know that skating, on the other hand, carved into and "drew" the urban landscape, illuminating America's largely invisible architecture of schoolyards, plazas, and backyard swimming pools as a "massive cement playground of unlimited potential," as Craig Stecyk III wrote in the Dogtown articles. The group blogs similarly intervene into the largely unapprehended Net in an active, quasi-architectural way. Not through dismantling the code but through cogent choices and alterations of subject matter from the great "out there."