Alan Sondheim's Net Art 2.0

Alan Sondheim, "Skinned" [YouTube]

Writhing, topologically-distorted flayed man--this is what we will all look like when the big black hole takes us in the Final Days. (Unless you are saved, then it will be OK.)

Stylistically, JODI's Max Payne cheats meets Carpenter's thing meets that exhibit with all the plasticized corpses. Quite gnarly and great. Sondheim's description of the method: "experimental motion capture doubled avatar work through poser and proprietary motion capture software."

Compare: Get Low, Petra Cortright hand (and Crispin Creeper finale), Silicious John McCain video.

Surf Clubs as the New Dada

An article in Minneapolis' The Rake titled The New Dada discusses Internet surfing clubs. The writer comes to the scene with a fresh set of eyes (i.e., from outside the circle of usual suspects looking in) and concludes that while much political art post 9/11 is "dull and dry and deadpan and rote," the clubs' brash and chaotic approach might be closer to the spirit of Zurich 1916.

Interestingly he found the clubs via online discussion of the Net Aesthetics 2.0 panel at the New Museum. This blog feels a bit vindicated since it was trashed after the panel for being insufficiently respectful of the "sincere" political art that is out there.

A piece of mine was used in the article: the Mark Napier Steven Dutch Remix. It's funny, I've been introduced to Mark Napier several times and he says "I've heard your name somewhere..."