"Jam Science (Arpeggios)"

"Jam Science (Arpeggios)" [mp3 removed]

Kontakt 2 has an arpeggiator script I've avoided using till now. A little of that stuff goes a long way but this is short and I've piled three arpeggiating synths on top of each other for maximum doomy psychedelia. The "Jam Science" beats are running underneath so it can't get too serious. It appears my blog will now consist of posting the songs I'm spending days working on and old pictures. I have felt marvelously free of any compulsion to write about other needy artists' work lately, so, sorry. Except in comments of other blogs.

A friend suggested I put some vocals in these songs. Yeah, and what your paintings need are some friendly farm animals in them to warm them up.

Update: Took about six seconds of arpeggioing out at the beginning. I now have it down the maximum of what I can tolerate.