More Tumblr Aesthetics

Another GIF of mine on the lovegifs site. This one is original, no remixing. Nice to see it out there. Getting credited isn't so much an issue for me since my website(s) clearly show I made a GIF and when it was posted. If reposting starts to get out of hand I make fun of the sucker MCs for being imitators, not originators, and such-like tactics. Legal threats if someone seems actually to be making money. (Not that the black & white abstraction in question is likely to burn up anyone's charts.)

One benefit of lovegifs not linking to sources is that s/he gets a nice clean archive page - as in, free of blurbs and text (not work safe, caution). Just the automatic crops of the GIFs, with the thumbnails looping, using the tumblr archive format to create a seductive composite work. Compare that grid to Mike's Digital Pog Page. One is art (or at least, has been shown on a museum screen) and the other is urban web trash. Not much difference in overall impact, except the lovegifs page is more smutty (and therefore probably truer to the web-as-collective-unconscious).