Crap on Crap Ideology

Reasons why assemblage (or "crap on crap") is now the "house style" of the art world (from an artist's perspective):

1. Everybody’s broke and there’s always an abundance of trash.
2. Six years of art education teaches that high art is dead so everyone takes the low road.
3. Disgust with capitalism and consumer culture.
4. “Nihilism.”
5. Genuine love of trash culture and its byproducts.
6. Avoidance of known art materials.
7. A way to make formal arrangements of things without being called “Greenbergian.”
8. A way to be political without sloganeering.
9. Genuine interest in the lineage of Schwitters/Rauschenberg–-considering it an unfinished project.
10. New trash (web and technology cast-offs) necessitates new ways of arranging trash (and new content unknown to Rauschenberg, et al).

"Biting Midges"

"Biting Midges" [mp3 removed -- later version is on bandcamp]

Furious scratching at beginning gives way to homage to a fave drum and bass melody from 1994. Some RMV snare and hat loops are used. The structure of this is a bit odd.