"Clean Transistor"

"Clean Transistor" [mp3 removed]

A sort of mechanical tabla runs through it, using FM synthesis. It needed warming up a bit, so I used an "amp modeling" software preset, which also provided the piece's title.

"I Wake Up Sampling and Holding"

Revised and reposted version of a tune from a couple of weeks ago. A punchier "final" mix (to the extent anything's final). Deleted the original post and kept the same filename for the .mp3.

"I Wake Up Sampling and Holding" [mp3 removed]

The title is a bit of an electro in-joke. Was going to call this "Grid of Seagulls" but am saving that for a later song. The beats and some of the synth sounds here are made with the Reaktor Rhythmmaker sequencer, which makes a variety of digital wails and hums in real time (live synthesis as opposed to sampling--"sample and hold" is a type of waveform that comes in about halfway through, played on another synth).