fire GIF

fire GIF

by Charles Westerman from the Nasty Nets comments. This is a very interesting contrast in that fire is ultimately hot and cinematic and this GIF is ultimately cool and photographic. Conflagration as data.

"Vector Repeater"

"Vector Repeater" [mp3 removed]

Following in the footsteps of "Distortomatic" (i.e. loud). Interestingly the beats in the earlier tune were demos from a fairly pricy analog filter bank whereas in this one the white-noise rhythms result from what the Reaktor manual calls "sample destruction." At the end of the day it's all ones and zeros.

"Claves of Steel (Beats)"

"Claves of Steel (Beats)" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

I find the beats made with this particular softsynth (Reaktor Rhythmaker) to be fairly sensuous*. Here I tried to keep the melody lines from overpowering the rhythm. I realized after the fact that the tune (three notes and a fourth note 1/2 step down) was one I used in an early Mac SE song called "Life in the Mortuary."

*except on my computer speakers