"Gliese 710"

"Gliese 710" [mp3 removed]

Gliese 710 is a red dwarf star headed towards Earth. In a million years it will be 1 light year away from us--four times as close as Alpha Centauri is now. "We" as in homo sapiens will be long gone, of course. The descendants of long-beaked echidnas who have replaced us as the planet's stewards will have to deal with comets being shaken out of the Oort cloud and raining down on the atmosphere.

The rhythm parts of this song are taken from the "Schmutz kit demo" by Sutekh. I took out what I didn't like and repeated parts I did. I added some arpeggioid tunes (almost like minuets) that could generously be called Goblin-esque.