more google accidental artistry

dutch palace

Greg Allen posted the above screen shot and says "I think Google Maps' security pixelization of the Dutch Royal House's Noordeinde Palace in Den Haag would make an absolutely fantastic series of landscape paintings." Karen Archey "said the work reminded her of Kota Ezawa [and] Jason Salavon," wrote Paddy Johnson, who herself "took Alfred Jenson mixed with Luc Tuyman’s palette, though I’m sure there’s an artist that more closely matches Google’s pixelations. Though not as well known, Aron Namenwirth certainly provides a very good match." The closest Photoshop filter I could find was "stained glass," which I used to make this image:

stained glass

To Johnson's list of precedents let's add Alex Brown, who shows at Feature gallery in NYC and makes oil paintings that look like Photoshop special effects (whether they are or not I don't know):

alex brown

Update: Just noticed AFC commenter Lisa had a few hours' jump on me re: Brown.

Update 2: Olia Lialina has reminded me that the actual filter Google uses is "crystallize." Here is my demo of that:

lialina - google map - crystallized

Update 3: More on this topic.

"No Grain No Pain"

"No Grain No Pain" [mp3 removed]

Added some doomy videogame bass and broken chords about halfway through a "rhythm only" sketch I posted in early '08. The beats were done in Reaktor's Krypt sequencer. Music diary note: I used EQ to selectively boost the pitch on the Krypt notes at the end so they would interact more with the added parts.

whale (for a kid)

sperm whale

amused a co-w*rker's child with this whale drawing in MSPaint. no tablet available--had to draw it with a mouse (old school). folks with Macs who think they are in the "graphics elite" are really missing out on a lot of fun.