"Fade Series: Cyan, No. 2"

"Fade Series: Cyan, No. 2" [mp3 removed]

A second piece with commercial trance loops run through a digital delay/chorus plugin called Cyan (a Reaktor effects instrument). A couple of live sessions were recorded and faded in/out. Sort of Richie Hawtin-esque, a fast syncopated march with phasing building to periodic climaxes.

slats (paper)

A photo was posted here that I took down--it was vibrating badly with the rubbery letters below--will repost later. A smaller version is the left panel of this diptych. A friend asked if I could print some CD covers for his band. I did, and then manually trimmed them using an X-acto knife. The trimmings were a stack of odd-sized paper "slats." It seemed a shame to just throw them away, so I arranged them on the floor in a rough, irregular grid. I photographed it from above, then converted the image to grayscale in Photoshop.

Just remembered I posted the photo already with some ascii and one-bit "graffiti" superimposed.

The image on the right side of the diptych is another set of slats. These were to hold a mattress in a bedframe. I bought them at a yard sale, thinking I might make something with them. I took a photo and added some graffiti to it. I still have the uncropped photo without the graffiti but haven't posted it yet. The wooden slats I threw away.