Post Internet II

Ha, whoops, the initially published, pre-edited version of a post here about the blog Post Internet was picked up from my RSS by a spam blog and appeared in Post Internet's trackback (with a weird picture of a kid looking at a futuristic heads-up display). PI revised its Travis Hallenbeck post, splitting it into two, a discussion of the YouTube middle frame and a discussion of Hallenbeck's Tinypic thumbnail book. PI has also added an afterward to the post referencing "internet aware art." Just to pound on this a little more, the Rhizome editors' and PI's interpretation of Guthrie Lonergan's phrase "internet aware art" wasn't more reductive than what Lonergan intended, it wasn't even the same concept. PI says it is no longer interested in defining internet aware art--too bad, because the interplay between the two definitions can be fertile territory.