Wow Factor

Sentences that might cause a frisson depending on the art:

"This music was made entirely by a computer, using automatic composing software."

"This music is played entirely by hand, no software was used."

"The score was by written by hand, one note at a time, without the aid of a computer."

"These paintings were made with a painting program that simulates gestural movements against a variety of paint surfaces, based on physical models."

"The string quartet is performed with software and sampled instruments."

"These intricate drawings were made by hand, with a tiny brush; no computer or mechanical device was employed in the process."

(Could keep going; perhaps the message here is "death to the wow factor." When words "make" a piece it's time to STFU. Dogma-like thesis in progress: anything that smacks of trompe-l'oeil, whether the hand imitating a machine or vice versa, such that it has to be explained, is an inferior impulse in art. The complete cyborging of art, music, and film is presumed, talking about it is yesterday.)