pic-see Oct 09

Using the Nasty Nets pic-see utility to view my image directory for Oct 2009: the raw material for the blog, without the tasteful resizing and including some images I never posted.
A great idea: if this script was portable, it would be how I would like to try to do my catalogue raisonné.
I have a lot of slides going back to the dawn of time that I would like to webbify. I don't necessarily want to post it all on the blog as regular posts, and would like for some images to be large-sized without clicking links.
With John Michael Boling's brilliant (hint) utility I could create directories of the old work by year, then make links to the pic-see-displayed pages on my sidebar. One thing it's missing now, though, is the ability to link to thumbnail pages--right now it's just a menu item. The October '09 group looks kind of interesting as thumbnails--with the cpb-found ink jet printer creating its own peculiar space in the grid.
If I had a catalogue raisonné then people could see my varied and prodigious output at a faster clip and possibly stop saying they can't get a handle on it. Individually the multiple styles and changes of tone seem like confusion; in the aggregate they seem like deliberate confusion on a massive scale, which is somewhat more critical. It won't help but I'll feel like I gave it my best shot.