You May Touch the Hem of Lord Jobs's Garment

Just found this in my inbox, sent by a friend who knows how much Apple is treasured around here (sarcasm):

Dear _______,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the unpleasant upgrade experience with FileApp (v. 1.5)

So please allow us to apologize for our relative lack of reactivity in communicating on this issue, we were a little bit confused.
We understood some users had upgraded before they had a chance to read our warning, unfortunately.
Lesson learned, and we wish to inform you on what is going on, and what is coming up.

Now comes the good news:

After discussions with Apple they have become aware of the enormous amount of dissatisfaction expressed by our users.
Therefore Apple has agreed to let us submit an update that will re-enable USB connectivity to all users that have installed a previous version of either FileAid or FileApp.
If you wish to enjoy USB file transfer again you should make sure you have any previous version installed and ran at least once.

All versions will qualify for the upgrade - if you deleted it, just install the current version (1.5) and launch it right now! Then you should upgrade to FileApp v. 1.6 when it is released on the AppStore and USB file transfer support will be available to you again. Futur upgrades should carry on USB support as well.

This feature is only available to you as former FileAid user.

Please note: The release and applicable schedule are subject to Apple App Store approval process, please be patient!

Best regards,

Vic & The DigiDNA Team

Such nervousness in the presence of absolute power was not seen again until this comment in response to a Paddy Johnson hat tip.