Eiffel Tower, say hello to the Eyesore Tower


Anish Kapoor in his Frank Stella wrecked spaceship phase--this will loom over London during the Olympics. It's a much crazier design than this YouTube capture conveys. (hat tip Paddy Johnson)

Update: Here's the Guardian's "artist conception of the artist's conception":


The Guardian says people will be able to "climb" this 30-story structure--not clear if that means like monkeys or if stairs will be provided. For someone who thinks the Klein bottle is an inelegant solution to manifold space this adds about ten more levels of preposterous clutter. It's not bad as an illustration for a dystopian science fiction novel but unfortunately the thing will be built. Not sure if the gray hamburger at the top is a rotating restaurant.

There's also something Steve Ditko about this--the dymaxion loops resemble Spider-Man's webbing in the old comic book illustrations.

"Great Cthulhu's Tower in London inspired dread in the populace, yet crowds were drawn to it like moths to a black flame. Milling about in postures of supplication and ecstasy, the people served as its food--occasionally a giant tentacle would lash out, pulling a citizen into its nether reaches, a place of palpitation and screams."