Speeder Chase Sequence Excoriated

Highly recommended: a scathing, highly entertaining dismantling of George Lucas' Attack of the Clones in nine YouTube installments (link is to The House Next Door, where I found it; the author is RedLetterMedia).
It makes more sense if you start from the beginning but if your time is limited part 3 shines: "Almost this entire sequence deals with the speeder chase sequence where the logic behind everything in the sequence makes absolutely no sense at all and is only there so they could have a speeder chase sequence." Lucas' pretensions and storytelling ineptitude come under withering fire from a great critic, using that there gosh darn newfangled "new media" form of narrative (a smart guy pretending to be a public access cable weirdo).

Update, June 2021: All links removed due to link rot. Red Letter Media isn't worth searching but try "mr plinkett attack of the clones" in YouTube search. His part 3 review is here.