progressive rock set

a friend who is guest DJing a college radio morning prog show asked for some suggestions; here are mine in no particular order:

Gryphon, "Opening Move," from Red Queen to Gryphon Three
Caravan, "Winter Wine," from In the Land of Grey and Pink
Gentle Giant, "His Last Voyage," from Free Hand
Gentle Giant, "No God's a Man," from The Power and the Glory
Henry Cow, "Half Asleep, Half Awake," from Unrest
Jethro Tull, "Fat Man," from Stand Up
King Crimson, "Indoor Games," from Lizard
Matching Mole, Suite: "O Caroline," "Instant Pussy," "Signed Curtain," from Matching Mole (continuous on vinyl version)
Keith Emerson, "Main Title Theme," from Inferno soundtrack
Curved Air, "Once a Ghost, Always a Ghost" from Phantasmagoria
Curved Air, "Young Mother" from Second Album
Terry Riley, "G Song" from Lifespan soundtrack
Kraftwerk, "Ruckzuck" or "Ruckzack" from Kraftwerk 1
Premiata Forneria Marconi, "Promenade the Puzzle," from Photos of Ghosts
Penguin Cafe Orchestra, "Chartered Flight" from Music from the Penguin Cafe