Psycho from Texas

Wheeler, 1975
Psycho from Texas (USA reissue title)
The Butcher (UK video title)
The Hurting (USA reissue title)
The Mama's Boy (USA recut version)
Evil + Hate = Killer (undefined)

A friend gave me a VHS of this. Random excellent IMDb review from "Jeff Norris":

License plate on the car and the main actor are from Texas. Where is this taken place? Nobody says anything about that, in a town, and in no time in the middle of nowhere with a run down refinery. My Grandfather was the Bank President and Mr. Phillips best friend. His role was short and sweet to the point and I believe he acted as himself with no lines. He was just like, think about this, and added logic reasons, he should have been asked in the meantime why weeler cashed a check with no I.D. from someone else's account. Sound was what can I say, horrible, chase scene was miles long, so still trying to figure out where they were! I could tell though that the courthouse in El Dorado was noticeable in South Arkansas. More porn on this movie than movies of that nature nowadays. It's alright if your bored! I watched it only for the 2 or 3 minute scene my Grandfather played as the best friend to Mr. Phillips.