When they're not breaking down doors they're installing them

Steven Berlin Johnson notes that you can't copy and paste text from the Apple iPad's iBook application. You can highlight it...


but then all you can do is "bookmark" it:

you can’t actually copy the text, to paste it into your own private commonplace book, or email it to a friend, or blog about it. And of course there’s no way to link to it. What’s worse: the book in question is Penguin's edition of Darwin’s Descent of Man, which is in the public domain. Those are our words on that screen. We have a right to them. [hyperlink, emphasis added]

With the "NY Times Editor’s Choice iPad app" (yuck) you can't even select, Johnson notes--it's just a frozen screen of words.

You just have to laugh, hard, when people say Apple is "moving us forward" or "moving computing into the next generation."

[hat tip ED]