Minuet McArdle

A music piece of mine is on a web compilation by Marc Weidenbaum on his site Disquiet.
Seven musicians were invited to respond to a reactionary article in the Atlantic about music "freeloaders."
The illustration accompanying the article has a freeloaded, pardon me, appropriated score by Ernest Bloch (the "Suite hébraïque"), which looks like modernist sheet music as drawn by Jeremy Traum (it's supposed to be two urchins stealing notes from the staff):


Weidenbaum asked musicians to imagine what that tonal catastrophe would sound like. I took the assignment literally and tried to recreate the score as faithfully as possible in a midi score editor, played on a piano (sampler).

The web album, called "Despite the Downturn," can also be heard on the Internet Archive, accompanied by more detailed writing by Weidenbaum about the project.

Here is "Minuet McArdle" [1.5 MB .mp3] named after the miscreant who wrote the Atlantic article, Megan McArdle. The other invited musicians are C. Reider, Steve Hamann, Joseph Luster, Mark Rushton, Nils Quak, and Erik Schoster. More interpretations may be on the way...