Power of the Press

You probably read about the scanner humiliation beating.
Airport cops try out new full-body snooping apparatus; one sees that another's genitals are "tiny."
(Ostensible) big-package taunts (verified) little-package for weeks thereafter, day in, day out.
Tiny-package finally blows, beats crap out of big-package.
And guess who has a photo of his face plastered on Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo magazine?
Day after day?
(Hint: it isn't the sexual harasser.)
Talking Points Memo used to be a blog. Mostly pretty good, except Josh Marshall supported Bush's Iraq invasion.*
Now it is an online "magazine" and it's bad. It covers all the same topics the mainstream media does, in almost exactly the same way.

*You can buy a copy very cheap now of Kenneth Pollack's book The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq (the tome that convinced Marshall and other liberal dupes).