Facebook Mass Exodus?

Always thought the idea of Facebook was ludicrous--I mean, like, I want to relive college? Isn't that what Classmates is for? Or was that only high school? Also, the origins of Facebook were a bunch of Heathers moving over from MySpace because it was too declasse. Snob city--great.

Of course after years of social media being in existence it was Facebook that the art world embraced. Suddenly, famous print critics who were silent during the early blog heyday were now "blogging"--behind a Googleproof firewall where no one except "friends" could find them. I keep getting emails from people who want to "friend" me (and get me to sign up for Facebook)--thanks, am flattered, but I have a blog! You can read it every day! (Or not.) If you disagree with something, I read emails and they frequently initiate bloggeristic trains of thought.

So now the tide is turning and it's becoming clearer that Facebook is a racket designed to turn you all upside down and shake out your purses, wallets, and calendars for advertisers to sift through. (See this interactive chart showing how Facebook has gradually expanded its "privacy zones"--scary shit.) Several artist friends have recently closed their Facebook accounts. Bloggy deleted his and gives some excellent reasons why you should do the same.

PS: Yes, this is concern trolling.