orbit synergy

DIY wallpaper made by Hypothete from gifs posted by stefan and yrs truly on dump.fm. Enjoyed an hour or so of trading ironic science and technology gifs with the above and unicorngirl yesterday. Alfred Bester foresaw dump.fm in The Demolished Man--the scene where telepaths play party games with hieroglyphs hovering in virtual collective space (although his icons were rebuses rather than picture-sentences advocating, say, native pride for Lovecraftian elder gods). The musical-improvisation-with-images that sometimes happens in Nasty Nets' comments happens all the time in dump. There is a bit of a poetry slam aspect to this: you better have some material and be ready to step up. Although there is occasional slacking while dumpers surf, search hard drives, or perform normal body functions. Or maybe that's just me projecting.

Update: another wallpaper piece, by noisia