Lovecraft illustration in top Chelsea gallery

Bus shelter demon

Op art in children's book

Rural earth science collage project

Someone likened to a hive mind or consciousness expansion experiment and there's some truth to it but it has its downside. In Philip K. Dick's book Ubik the cryogenically preserved, still-thinking brains were very susceptible to the thoughts of aggressive, disturbed individuals, such as the young adolescent "Jory." I have met great people on dump from all over the globe but the chat room has some serious recurring knucklehead freaks working out their "issues" by inflicting a steady series of shock images on the gentle hivers. The imagery isn't truly shocking but it is an irritant and must be processed. Am not sure there's any value to that whatsoever. Sometimes it is just frat town in there despite the participation of many interesting and intelligent women. Only the very youngest users seem willing to say, in block capitals, "stop posting this crap."

PS Don't mean to be mysterious but would rather not mention any Jorys by name. If you are reading this blog there's a 100% chance it's not you.

PPS Jorys don't necessarily only dominate with images. There are also obnoxioius "chat Jorys."