rotating color blob


by stage using animated screencaps of deluxepaint 2

deluxepaint 2 is a 20-year old paint program originally intended for Amiga computers. You can run it on a current PC using DOSbox (so I'm told--not sure I will have this level of dedication). Something I've been discussing with other artists since the time of the Infinite Fill show is the idea of older paint programs being aesthetically interesting, as opposed to just nostalgic. The people I was having that discussion with have all moved on to Photoshop but several people at are interested in these issues.

screen shot of deluxepaint work space

another work space screen shot (link corrected)

full screen (tiled) piece made by stage with deluxepaint 2 motifs

four spheres made by stage

Cubist-style GIF

Wachowskis Hindsaw Philip K. Dick

A YouTube scholar has edited Philip K. Dick's speech at the Metz science fiction convention in 1977 to ask if Dick "disclosed the existance [sic] of the Matrix."

Right, it's not even possible that The Matrix was a movie made in 1999 by two people who possibly had read a lot of Philip K. Dick's writing. Nevertheless it's interesting to see Dick on camera--I have read several accounts of that speech but never seen the actual thing. Would be nice to watch it without all the ominous cuts--someday I'll poke around and look for it. Or maybe someone will foresee me seeing it and tell me about it.