Gysin GIF Art


Interpretations of Brion Gysin's internet-available artwork. Dedicated to Ben Davis, critic of Artnet, who believes Gysin's works "are relics of a world that no longer exists, for bad and for good."

left: stage; right: hypothete
tiled (composite) Gysin-derived animation by stage - really well-done, please take a look
Gysin filmstrip animation by hypothete - previously posted; also excellent

Breaking the Pack Ice


At we are discussing a "dark ambient" work that eludes description more than most (it's possibly not "darK" at all). Thomas K├Âner, half of the seminal techno-noise outfit Porter Ricks, released Permafrost 17 years ago. The Type recording label re-release can be streamed on page where we are talking about it. So far commenters seem uncomfortable with the ice- and polar-related similes used to describe the work in the accompanying release notes. Above is the original cover, which beats the re-release's. As I noted on, "you have the word 'permafrost' but surrounded by all this ambiguous granular material. The mind has nowhere to go and doubles back into the music, instead of trying to think of additional nature metaphors" (such as "distant icy tonal blasts and croaking occidental winds").

The initial pronouncements have been made and now we need some serious disagreement. Please come join us and attempt to refudiate (thank you, Sarah Palin!) the authoritarian third person ukases on this music.