"Love Reconstituted" and background

Made/posted this tune a couple of years ago:

"Love Reconstituted" [mp3 removed]

It's kind of an "atmospheric techno" bit with analog synth burbles and a "rave hit" ending consisting of some early '90s house piano stabs. Those were reconstructed more or less note by note from this nutty remix* somebody did of this pop tune.**

As you can hear, the remix* consists of "vocal science" made from clips of the diva's voice over minimal banging piano chords. I've always really liked the energy and simplicity of it. And thanks to the miracle of YouTube (the poor man's iTunes), I recently found the "original" hit that mix was taken from, Bizarre Inc.'s "Love in Motion."** It's pretty lightweight (unlike moi) but not unenjoyable.

*"Love in Motion (Unknown Mix)" [mp3 removed] (sound quality is dicey because it was cassette-taped from a radio mix show in '92)

**"Love in Motion" [dead YT link]