Concern lurking

Have been looking around for some anti-Facebook resistance posts just to feel there is a purpose to the universe.

Facebook Suicide.
Geert Lovink.

The first one recommends flooding Facebook and clicking on every preference to regain some kind of anonymity. The Lovink post suggests Facebook alternatives.

Women's Group Website Logos



From a visual essay in the form of a massive logo dump (meant in a good way): "[IMG MGMT] Squiggles, Trees, Ribbons and Spirals: My Collection of Women’s Health, Beauty and Support Group Logos as the Stages of Life in Semi-Particular Order." The collection of over 200 logos from all over the internet offers a double indictment: of lazy, mediocre web design (the two above are kind of good/bad--most are bland pastel shapes done in Adobe Illustrator) as well the problem stated by commenter Chelsed:

i actually worked as a designer for a women’s org and struggled with this. there really isnt a “hip” way to portray women. the bathroom women icon is patronizing; these abstract squiggles and spirals appeal to an audience of women i havent yet encountered; so i just used the general woman symbol–but even then i feel like it’s TOO gender segregated. the problem is men dont HAVE a gender. men’s football is football. men’s soccer is soccer, etc etc– they dont need distinction. what is the symbol for women NOW?

The guest essayist/artist is Shana Moulton, from Paddy Johnson's series [IMG MGMT], an ongoing, annual series of guest posts where gallery artists and/or new media artists present digital image files in a way that reflects on their nature as images, as image files or some interconnection between the two.