intermittent vvork twitter

twitter/vvork is mostly quiescent but occasionally it erupts in a burst of coldly descriptive magma.
Yesterday the writer covered 20 posts in 30 minutes.
The site somehow acquired 547 followers, all awaiting ridiculously reductive descriptions of ridiculously reductive blog posts about mostly ridiculously reductive artworks.

Attack of the Clones: Bad journalism about Hirst plagiarism "claims"

Paddy Johnson points to this terrible Guardian article that doesn't distinguish between legal claims for copyright and artists whining that they "did it first." Hell, one artist admits he didn't do it first but only had the idea. Presumably Damien Hirst stole it from his mind. Most of the Guardian's examples were spoon-fed to it by "a group campaigning for traditional artistry." Mainstream journalists are now worse than people used to complain about bloggers being when it comes to not looking behind a source.

Somewhat related: precognitive science writing.

Sand bubbler crabs

...make fractal patterns of orally-excreted "bubbles" in beach sand while foraging--the patterns tell them which territory they've already covered.

The patterns captivate and suggest "artistic" agency but we aren't helped by photo spreads where the first pattern looks like an owl.

Video showing how the crab makes bubbles.

via data is nature.