Precognitive Science Writing

Our world may be a giant hologram. An experiment by a certain Dr. Danzmann offers proof of an unrelated conjecture by a certain Dr. Hogan that the universe is a giant holographic projection, encoded on a vast 2D surface (such as a black hole event horizon), much like a shimmering rainbow globe on a debit card, and that it is possible to identify and measure the grain of this projection (the stuff of spacetime, as it were).

Or maybe not.

However Danzmann is cautious about Hogan's proposal and believes more theoretical work needs to be done. "It's intriguing," he says. "But it's not really a theory yet, more just an idea." Like many others, Danzmann agrees it is too early to make any definitive claims. "Let's wait and see," he says. "We think it's at least a year too early to get excited."

A year before we know--can we wait?

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