"Fuchsia Refraction"

"Fuchsia Refraction" [mp3 removed]

Was admiring a minimal techno piece by Alessandro Crimi posted on Disquiet. I seem to be constitutionally incapable of doing anything like Crimi's--sexy, ponderous, deep, long. Every time I try, something silly happens like the slightly out of tune self-oscillating filter in this one. Then all the points seem to be made and the piece ends at 1:39.

"Audrey the King"

"Audrey the King" [mp3 removed -- a revised version is on Bandcamp]

Fished this electric piano chord sample out of the bowels of a Reaktor sample map about five years ago--it's intended to be "mangled," as the beatmongers love to say, but I unmangled it.

It was added to the minimal beats two posts back, necessitating adding tons of other stuff to solve the resulting compositional Rubik's cube (it's not that complicated a song but the writing was slow, e.g. the bass/piano counterpoint at the end).

Earlier "the sample" was used in a tune I've been continuously massaging; see "Audrey Zapp (Light Industrial Remix)." It's a very "happy" sample.

"Caesura Salad"

"Caesura Salad" [mp3 removed -- a newer version is available on Bandcamp]

Another on the "modular" rhythm synth. See previous post--same methodology. Some weird commercial electro beat samples were added to one of the "stanzas." The line breaks of the various stanzas are actually not caesuras but the pun had to be used.

"Audrey the King (Beats)"

"Audrey the King (Beats)" [mp3 removed]

Back to my "modular" rhythm synth. Decided just to record the Vermona drum machine with almost no effects at the recording stage (just some filtering on the bass). Then light use of a compressor plugin on the recorded file to make those kick/toms more punchy. Got this bare bones piece before filling it up with piano and such for "Audrey the King."