Laurie Spiegel


remixed by enlarging, brightening

Spiegel is known best as a computer music pioneer (see this YouTube). The image above comes from a page on her site called Early Bell Labs Computer Arts Work. The original raster painting was made in 1974.

A screen shot of her playing music on a computer instrument that looks like an Apollo moon mission console (that I put up prior to the YouTube post of her performance) and more about her music here.

"Metro Blorp 2"

"Metro Blorp 2" [mp3 removed -- a revised version of this track is on Bandcamp]

Some electro drum loops run through a software delay and multi-tracked; the synth on top of them is the Reaktor 3X. Was inspired on the squiggly synth filtering by the work of Lory D, some of whose tracks I've recently found, after listening to one ("Bitter End 1," misnamed as Synapse's "Stealing Science" on Tony Thorpe's Electric Kingdom compilation) about a thousand times. He alters more settings in real time, but I've got several tunes going at once by the end.

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

Let's try it with, oh, say, Jenny Holzer:

Holzer acted in a film by Beth B and Scott B, The Trap Door (1980)

Beth B later directed Two Small Bodies, which starred Suzy Amis and Fred Ward.

Suzy Amis is the current wife of director James Cameron.

James Cameron was married to Kathryn Bigelow from 1989-1991.

Bigelow is a past member of Art & Language.

Art & Language is in the Tate collection with Francis Bacon.

[OK it's a lousy game, because no one current is really connected to Bacon except through the Tate. The Trap Door is chock-a-block with art stars; have never seen it. Here's co-director Scott B's description, from IMDb: "A Nietzschian parable on the fate of innocence, THE TRAP DOOR follows the mishaps of Jeremy (John Ahearn) as he is fired by his boss (Jenny Holzer), gets laughed out of court by Judge Gary Indiana, loses his girlfriend to sleazy Richard Prince, is hustled by prospective employer (Bill Rice) and mauled by predatory bird-women. Finally, he seeks the help of a shrink (the legendary Jack Smith) who turns out to be the most demented of all."]