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Derrida's Wikipedia entry has a section called "Honorary degrees and attacks."

comment on YouTube home hardware synth-sequencer demo: "ah, the sound of hot masturbation"

Tea Partiers Yearn for Days of Republican Corruption, Fear

"CERN’s engineers decided this week to play it safe and operate the collider at only 3.5 trillion electron volts"

Don DeLillo does not use email but likes 24 Hour Psycho ("and likes"?)

i don't want a computer to be creative, i just want it to work

if the computer's future is tv set tops and a balkanized web then it doesn't really matter if Microsoft "missed" it

"'avatar' and 'the hurt locker,' two widescreen responses to the theme of war, are..." "oh, shut up"

petra cortright's is the best so far of vvork's recent "ab ex with virtual brushes" run

richard ford "the lay of the land": detailed-to-Borges-level observations of life on Jersey shore punctuated by hostile physical encounters

good sex in lit discussion notes

dreamed was making music w touchscreen gps utility that mashed up songs currently playing on us radio stations (by touching map locations)

high speed birds-on-ground

Time lapse vimeo of bird flock meandering around unopened Brooklyn park, by Dathan Manning. I watched with the sound off (don't really need beats for everything). (via Curbed)

Even the calm areas of the city can be made to look frenetic with a technical assist.