BYOB exhibition

On Friday, Nov. 12 am excited (stoked, pumped, psyched) to be participating in a one-night event at Spencer Brownstone gallery called "BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)."

Artist Rafael Rozendaal, who is organizing the show, asks participants to bring projectors and beam artwork onto the gallery walls and ceiling. He has mounted similar exhibitions in Berlin and Athens; a YouTube of the Berlin installment makes it look especially tantalizing.

See this press page describing the New York incarnation (with links to info about earlier installments).

"Sanity Disobedience" press

Flavorpill has a nice notice on a show I have work in, "Sanity Disobedience for a New Frontier":

You wouldn't know from the small nondescript sign outfront that if you take the stairs up to this second-floor gallery, you're rewarded with a high concept art exhibit in a small clean space. The show carefully curated and arranged by Rod Malin—a media specialist for Marian Goodman Gallery and the Bronx Museum of the Arts—presents works by eight artists in various media. Spend some time with Tristan Perich's "1-bit Symphony," an electronic composition in 5 movements on 1 microchip, Jamie O'Shea's video in which he creates a functioning telegraph in the wilderness and Meredith Pingree's motorized sculpture "Blue Curtain," which emits a delicate reactive sizzle that can be heard throughout the gallery. This show is well worth a stop. You may walk away reflecting on the peculiar paradoxes of the digital age, in which the irrational becomes rational.