Will Brand Publicly Agrees With Me

Will has changed his mind about whether the mix is more important than the motion in the strange saga of animated GIFs as artistic expression. He now agrees that "The Art Happens Here" graphic from 1997 (indicating the network space among computers as the locus for "the art") has dated badly and probably shouldn't be used to symbolize the rather more sophisticated things people are doing with GIFs these days (and no, we're not talking about cinemagraphs).

Oh, whoops, I don't think he said any of that--so why is he saying I'm publicly agreeing with him?

random tweets from 2009

...from my twitter archive in HTML (manually updated every six months or so):

"in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen people" - momus 4:08 PM Dec 21st, 2009

wouldn't know shitake from shinola 9:29 PM Dec 16th, 2009

"Lovecraft is like totally bananas hahaha I mean wow. This one hell it was just strait up nuts, freaky low quality goodness hahaha." 1:45 AM Dec 10th, 2009

both neko case and mark mothersbaugh picked "A Face in the Crowd" for TCM 12:32 AM Dec 9th, 2009

headline from comcast web portal: "Authorities say man stabbed 2 Army buddies to death" (can a murder victim still be a buddy?) 5:56 PM Dec 4th, 2009

track 10 on Tony Thorpe's Electric Kingdom electro comp. is Lory D, Bitter End 1, not Synapse (discogs notes the error on the CD) 1:04 AM Dec 4th, 2009

3 books on the way: Paglia's The Birds, Ethan Frome, and the first Earthsea novel (never read those Le Guins) 12:24 AM Dec 4th, 2009

reading Richard Ford's 3rd Bascombe book - I kind of hate it but the obsessive detail makes it hard to ignore 12:19 AM Dec 4th, 2009

"this book is bad" "well, you're bad" (criticism in the happy talk days of 2009) 7:38 PM Dec 3rd, 2009

the search function here is so lousy I'm saving my twits to a private blog page (these are supposed to be notes I can use) 10:15 AM Dec 3rd, 2009

sliced actual '70s breakbeat 10:12 AM Dec 3rd, 2009