amusing netflix error


Screenshot--I did not fabricate this.
The Alan Rudolph film is pretty good, though I haven't seen it in ages. Ed Ruscha has a minor role as a radio DJ who makes locker room remarks about on-air sex therapist Genevieve Bujold from the safety of his soundproof control room. Keith Carradine plays her mysterious love interest. The Tolkien parts were good, too.

Also, "romantic comedy" doesn't quite nail it for Rudolph: he prefers the term "emotional science fiction." Maybe someone thought that meant hobbits.

"Double Carbon"

"Double Carbon" [mp3 removed -- on Bandcamp, this tune was incorporated into the track "Kicking Boy"]

Bluesy (?) micro house. A five note synth riff changes in real time as virtual knobs for its bandwidth and cutoff frequency are slowly turned. At the beginning only two of the notes are heard; the other three are just percussive hiss--the tune emerges gradually. A 4/4 analog kick commences, then three percussion tracks, layered together. Synthesized strings introduce another riff, playing in rough counterpoint to the first. The strings drop out, then most of the percussion, returning us to the beginning, slightly altered because the exact knob positions aren't duplicated.