4D bald eagle


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A compelling GIF, starting smoothly and gradually becoming chaotic but always imparting a sense of geometric order in the natural world, a la Cezanne. Its artifice is laid bare and it doesn't pretend to immerse us in sentimentalized nature. Yet it probably came from a cable animal channel documentary.

When someone who claims to be in the art world has to ask a question like "why do GIFs matter to artists?" it's saddening. The appeal of an animation like this shouldn't need justifying to anyone.

"Rhodes Notes" + response to reader

"Rhodes Notes" [mp3 removed]

Some scratch sounds that I granularized a couple of years ago and forgot about. These riffs are supplemented with live synth blorts and a collection of Fender Rhodes loops that sort of tie everything together. Am actually pretty excited about this piece's mix of moods and gear changes.
An angry reader went off on me today, criticizing my blog, my writing, my person, and every fiber of my being as a complete sinkhole of poisonous corruption and the unkindest cut of all was that I constantly post...incomplete music!!
Sir, please, please unsubscribe from this blog feed. I've already blocked you on Twitter, for your own good--what were you thinking, following Satan like that?

Update: Reposted the song with tweaks to the gain and panning of the LFO'd "blorts." Those analog sounds are kind of horrible but I think they are critical to the piece.