"Scratch and Sniff"

"Scratch and Sniff" [mp3 removed -- an accelerated version can be heard on Bandcamp]

At 100 bpm, this track is in no particular hurry to explore semitone permutations using the new Lazerbass (TM) softsynth. That instrument is supposed to be used for hard as fuck, glass popcorn-style dubstep, not galumphing musical tortoises.

harlan ellison on toughness

When you’re an outsider, you’ve got two choices: You either become a target for people to hit you, to bully you, and con you, to take advantage of [you], and you wind up marrying people you shouldn’t, and you wind up in a job you shouldn’t have with people who bully you, or, you get tough. Now tough doesn’t mean hard. I’m not a hard guy; I’m a tough guy. That means that I take no shit and I’m wrong more often than I’m right, and when I am, I admit it. And that’s another part of being a tough guy. When you’re in the wrong you’ve got to face up to it and you’ve got to take responsibility for it.

from the blog of Clifford Meth