2 former 8-bit artists burned by establishment

Speaking of working with Google to keep Google hacks online, here are two artists announcing the problems they've had in working with the forces of darkness:

Cory Arcangel: Doogle "Canned". This is the exact scenario described by Ben Fino-Radin in his paper [PDF] about net art preservation. An artist's "Google hack" breaks as Google changes its code, in this case Arcangel's search engine that only searched for Doogie Howser: "Google depreciated the second API it ran on – which allowed it to pull live search results for Neil Patrick Harris – so I have decided to retire it from pulling LIVE search links." Props to Arcangel for letting an artwork die rather than sticking tubes and electrodes into it, I guess.

Paul Slocum: The Difficulty of Developing on iPhone 2G/3G without Service. Slocum needs to test an art app on various phones and "Apple won’t let me use the rather expensive little computer that I bought unless I pay for AT&T service that I don’t need." You can read his solutions at the link. My solution would be to keep "art" and "Apple" separate but then I am only steps away from Walden Pond.